Cell Cycle | Inheritance and Evolution | Online Course

Cell Cycle | Inheritance and Evolution | Online Course

From Cell Cycle and Genetic Variations to Evolved Organisms.

Cell Cycle, Inheritance and Evolution

Course title:

Fundamentals of Cell Cycle, Inheritance and Evolution

Course outline:

This course covers following topic:

  1. Mitosis, meosis and their disorders
  2. Mendelian vs. modern genetics
  3. Chromosomal inheritance, pedigree analysis, and sex determination
  4. Genetic of human blood group system
  5. Darwinism vs. neo-Darwinism
  6. Related various activities for brainstorming

Course description

The cell cycle duplicates the vast amount of DNA in the chromosomes and then segregate the copies precisely into daughter cells. Mitosis is important for the growth and development of our bodies, while meiosis helps in the maintenance of the constant number of chromosomes in species.

Inheritance is the passing on of traits from parents to their offspring. Genetic variations in germ cells transfer the unique traits to the next generations, help in their survival and ultimately lead to evolution. This course accumulates the fundamentals of the cell cycle, genetics of inheritance, and theories of evolution.

In the context of the cell cycle, you will learn about the basics of interphase, mitosis, meiosis, cancer, meiotic errors (e.g., Down’s syndrome, Turner’s syndrome, Jacob’s syndrome, etc.), necrosis, and apoptosis.

The inheritance section will elaborate the concepts of Mendel’s law of inheritance, mono and dihybrid cross, test cross, genotype, phenotype, dominance, incomplete dominance, codominance, genetic of human blood group system, epistasis, pleiotropy, genetic linkage, cross over, polygenic inheritance, chromosomal inheritance, pedigree analysis, sex determination, chromosomal abnormality.

The evolution part is designed to clarify concepts of evolution and special creation, the theory of evolution aka Darwin's theory of evolution, neo-Darwinism, Hardy Weinberg theorem, and factors affecting gene frequency.

This course contains various activities for brainstorming. An absolute beginner can also easily attempt this course. This will be valuable to achieve high marks in your degrees and to acquire your desired job.

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