Why Do Root Hair Cells Not Have Chloroplasts? | Biology Quiz

The presence of organelles in the cells of a particular ogran is related to their function. One question is seldom asked that why do root hair cells not have chloroplasts? Below is the short but precise answer to that question.

Why do root hair cells not have chloroplasts?

The chloroplast is an organelle present in plant cells. This organelle is responsible for the synthesis of food by capturing sunlight in the presence of water and carbon dioxide through the photosynthesis process. So they are highly abundant in the cells of a leaf. 

Their presence in the leaf cells enables them to capture maximum sunlight to carry out the photosynthesis process.

Root hair cells are responsible for the absorption of water and minerals from the soil. They penetrate deep into the soil to absorb the maximum amount of water. 

As the root cells are present deep in the soil where sunlight cannot reach, so photosynthesis process cannot take place in root cells. Hence, root hair cells do not contain chloroplast.

why do root hair cells not have chloroplast
Comparative diagram of leaf and root hair cell. Image created in BioRender.com

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